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How much does a cosmetic consultation cost?

A consultation fee is $100 and can be applied towards your surgery when you book a surgery. This allows Dr. Payne time to discuss all your concerns and the options for treatment.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept check and credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express. When paying for surgery with a check it must be 5 business days in advance.

Can Insurance be used for Cosmetic Surgery?

No insurance company will pay for a cosmetic procedure, however some procedures are not considered cosmetic if there is medical necessity. Cosmetic surgery is usually considered a surgery that is preformed strictly to improve the way a person feels about their physical appearance and self-esteem. If you are curious if a procedure is considered medically necessary or would be covered by insurance, you can always call our office.

Is financing an option to pay for surgery?

We have two financing options: Care Credit and Prosper. You will need to qualify, which can be easily done in the office.

What type of discount, if any, is offered if I get multiple procedures?

Yes, there are discounts if multiple procedures are done, 2nd and 3rd procedures are discounted. Discounts are given based on what types of procedures are combined.

Is there a referral program? If so, how does that work?

Yes, we do have a referral program for established patients. When you schedule your cosmetic procedure and then refer 1 or more people to us, you become eligible for a discount towards your current procedure or a future one. The more people you refer the more you earn towards a procedure. Call us to see what promotions we are currently running as well!

Where does Dr. Payne Practice or perform Surgery?

Will I be in pain or swelling after any of the surgeries?

Each procedure has a different recovery time, and a different discomfort level. You can expect some discomfort, however Dr. Payne and our staff will prepare and instruct you on how to manage discomfort, and what medication must be taken to reduce pain and swelling. Check out our Individual procedure pages for more details!

When do I get my prescription for medication for surgery?

You will get prescription medication electronically within a week prior to your surgery date.

When will I be able to resume physical activity?

Usually around 2 weeks after surgery unless otherwise stated during your appointment, every cosmetic procedure is different so it is always a good idea to follow the instructions given at your pre-operative appointment.

When can I return back to work?

Depending on the type of procedure, you can usually return to work in 1-3 days. Some cosmetic procedures require a certain amount of rest and recuperation, and every person is different as well. See our individual procedure pages for more information about the procedure you are interested in.

How long after weight loss surgery can I get excess skin removed?

You can have surgery to remove excess skin when weight loss is at a plateau. This means, you will want to wait till the all of your weight is lost then remove the excess skin.

Will I have scarring after any of the cosmetic procedures?

Each procedure is different, so it does depend on which surgery you have. Some procedures leave slight scarring while others leave almost no visible scar. All of our procedures include post-operative instruction on how to care for scarring and the incision area so that you can have the best results possible. Check out each individual procedure page for more information!

What skin care products do you offer?

  • Neocutis Bio restorative cream, and scar cream: This product is what we give you to help with post procedure healing and scarring.
  • Elta MD sunscreen products: Elta MD is a sunscreen line designed to be powerful yet gentle and help guard your skin from damage by the sun’s rays. We recommend for patients to use this every day, especially if they have had a procedure done.
  • Mepiform Sheets/ Scar sheets: We also offer silicone scar sheets to help patients who have certain types of scars.

What local hotels are available for stay?

We have several local hotels right near the hospital and our office. The Westin Hotel right next to Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center and Hotel Zaza Memorial City are some of the closest hotels. If you are looking for a specific price range, and want to know current deals you, you can follow the google link below to find hotels in all price ranges near and around Memorial Hermann Memorial city.

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What are some local Restaurant / Entertainment options?

The Memorial City area is filled with some of the best Houston restaurants. There are many lively and top rated restaurants that are worth trying if you plan to stay nearby, or if you want to grab a bite to eat after your appointment with us. There are several restaurants within walking distance of our office, inside the Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. Follow the link below to see some of the local cuisine!

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