Renuvion®, a body contouring treatment also known as “J-Plasma,” is a minimally invasive treatment that firms and tightens the skin by combining cold helium plasma with RF (radiofrequency) energy, just below the skin’s surface. This combination results in a highly precise and powerful tool for tissue contraction and skin tightening, often used as an adjunct to liposuction. Renuvion® is fully FDA-approved and can be an excellent treatment choice for additional skin tightening after liposuction, or other fat removal procedures.

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How Does Renuvion® Work?

Renuvion® works through a process powered by “plasma energy.” It starts by converting helium, an inert gas, into plasma. When the helium gas is energized, it ionizes and becomes plasma. The plasma is then combined with RF energy and directed over the treatment area. This dual-action energy results in a stream of cold plasma that is less damaging to surrounding tissues than other types of energy.

When applied subdermally (under the skin), the Renuvion® device creates an immediate skin tightening effect. The cold plasma heats the under-surface of the skin to a precise temperature, causing the collagen within the skin to contract. This controlled heating also promotes new collagen production for continued firming over the next six to nine months.

Am I a Good Candidate for Renuvion® or J-Plasma?

Renuvion®, also known as J-Plasma, is generally considered suitable for a wide range of patients, but it is most effective for patients with:

What Areas Can Renuvion® Treat?

Renuvion® is commonly used to tighten skin on the face and body in almost any area. Popular treatment sites include:

How is the Renuvion® or J-Plasma Treatment Performed?

From start to finish, the whole procedure will take less than an hour. The procedure is typically performed in conjunction with liposuction and will not affect surgery time significantly. Renuvion® is a single treatment procedure. Results are dramatic and may start to be seen in as little as days or weeks. The outcome will continue to improve throughout the healing process.

Is There Downtime After Renuvion®?

While mild bruising and soreness may be expected, patients report minimal or no pain — even right after the procedure. You should be able to resume your normal daily activity on the same day.

What Side Effects are Possible with Renuvion®?

It’s important to remember that every patient’s body reacts differently to cosmetic procedures and individual side effects and risks can vary. If you are considering a Renuvion® treatment, it is essential to discuss these potential side effects and your individual risk factors with your healthcare provider:

How Much Does Renuvion® Cost?

The cost of a Renuvion® treatment will vary depending on the treatment area, the duration of the procedure, and whether it is being used in conjunction with liposuction. Renuvion® skin tightening can range $2,000 – $3,500. During your consultation, Dr. Payne will examine the desired treatment area thoroughly and listen to your aesthetic goals to provide you with a personalized quote.