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With the natural aging process, our inherent skin elasticity begins to lose strength and often causes the neck to sag and droop. This inelasticity may also highlight a lack of definition around the jawline and chin, creating an aged appearance and, sometimes, an aesthetic widely referred to as a “turkey neck.” A neck lift is often required to correct this skin laxity and restore a smooth contour along the facial profile. Dr. Eric Payne, a board-certified craniofacial plastic surgeon based in Houston, has exceptional experience performing a neck lift, as well as lower facelift surgery and other facial procedures designed to treat signs of aging.

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What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift is performed to smooth loose skin, horizontal banding, and tissue laxity along the neck and submental area. In addition to achieving a tighter, smoother look under the chin, a neck lift can also help reveal a more defined jawline. This often results in a more youthful appearance overall, particularly when combined with a lower facelift to address jowling. If you’re concerned with visible signs of aging in the neck region, Dr. Payne can conduct a meticulous facial analysis and develop a treatment plan to rejuvenate the neck based on your aesthetic goals. Since the face and the neck usually age together, Dr. Payne generally performs both facial plastic surgery procedures together to attain a more comprehensive outcome.

Is a Neck Lift Right for Me?

A neck lift can benefit patients who are bothered by signs of aging or thinning, loose skin along the neck contour. If you’re seeking a procedure that can provide long-term results, surgery may be an option to consider. Other indications for a neck lift include:

  • Excess relaxation of the facial skin, resulting in jowls
  • Redundant or crepey skin in the submental region
  • Contour irregularities due to muscle banding
  • Localized fat deposits, resulting in a “double chin”

Dr. Payne will discuss your concerns and review your medical history during a consultation to help determine whether you are a good candidate for a neck lift. In general, patients interested in surgery should be relatively healthy, near their ideal weight, and have no uncontrolled medical conditions.

How is the Neck Lift Procedure Performed?

A neck lift is performed under general anesthesia at our credentialled surgical facility alongside a board-certified anesthesiologist and an experienced medical staff. Patients will typically go home on the same day; though in certain cases, some individuals may have to stay overnight with nursing care.

Dr. Payne will make delicate and precise incisions in the natural creases and contours of the neck. He will remove any excess tissue as well as reduce excess fat when necessary. He will then reposition the skin and, if need be, tighten the neck muscles — a process known as a “platysmalplasty.” This can create a naturally rejuvenated and contoured appearance that should stand against the test of time. In some instances, partial removal of the submandibular glands may be necessary to improve the neck contour. If desired, a neck lift can also be paired with a facelift to emphasize a more reinvigorated and revived appearance.

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What Can I Expect During Recovery From a Neck Lift?

Recovery times will vary from person to person. A face wrap or bandage will be worn for a period of time after the procedure to reduce swelling. Post-operatively, you will also be required to return to our office the next day to change your bandages and wraps. There will be some permanent sutures placed to hold the neck muscles together, and other types of sutures will be removed within 5 to 7 days after surgery. Minimal bruising and swelling should be expected. The timeframe with which these reactions should subside is unique for every patient. On average, bruising should go away after two or three weeks while swelling will likely take four to six weeks to fully resolve.

Patients can usually return to normal activities within 7 to 10 days. The best results from surgery should be noticeable by week eight. While the exact outcome will vary, patients can generally expect to achieve a more naturally youthful and refreshed appearance.

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How Long Do Neck Lift Results Last?

Results from neck lift surgery may not last a lifetime. Those who had surgery will generally always look younger than people of the same age who did not undergo a neck lift. That said, the procedure does not halt the natural aging process; eventually, the skin may begin to lose elasticity and indications of aging may again reveal themselves. The best steps patients can take to preserve their neck contour include:

Certain cosmetic treatments and non-surgical procedures can also be utilized as necessary to touch up the outcome of a neck lift. Dr. Payne would be happy to speak with you about all your options in prolonging the longevity of neck lift results.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

At our Houston-area practice, the cost of a neck lift ranges from approximately $5,000 to $7,000 depending on a patient’s needs, concerns, and the details of their treatment plan. It’s important to note that this figure only encompasses the surgeon’s fee and does not include the expenses normally associated with cosmetic surgery, such as anesthesia and surgical facility costs. After your consultation, our office will be able to provide you with a personalized estimate on the total price of your neck lift procedure.

If you would like to pay for a neck lift in smaller, low- to no-interest installments, financing with CareCredit® can be a potential option for patients who qualify. Once approved, individuals can select the most ideal payment arrangement for their unique needs and budgetary concerns. If you have any questions, our friendly team is available to speak with you further about the cost of a neck lift.

A neck lift can be a powerful technique to refresh and rejuvenate the contours of the face and neck. Please don’t hesitate to contact Texas Liposuction Specialty Clinic in Houston for more information or to schedule a consultation.